Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Spectacular Bus Journey From Nice To Sestri Levante

One of the most spectacular bus journeys I've experienced while travelling around Europe is the journey from Nice to Sestri Levante. 
This 240km stretch of highway passes through countless tunnels as it cuts through the mountains. Since our bus was at a much higher level than the sea, we got to see the coastline of the Italian Riviera as we cruised along. Our journey took us through many township which are located on the valleys below. Needless to say the scenery is simply stunning. 
It is not easy to take photographs from a fast moving bus but the photos didn't turn out too bad.
The path we took from Nice to Sestri Levante is marked as the blue line between the 2 yellow dots on this map.
Enjoy the stunning view!
That's it. You've just had some great glimpses of the Italian Riviera from a bus!

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