Monday, 6 July 2015

Italy - Dining At Sestri Levante

Enroute to Pisa, we broke our journey at Sestri Levante, a peaceful coastal town on the Italian Riviera. This town used to be a fishing town but it has now attracted a fair bit of holiday makers. Our bus parked by a beach road as we were going to have lunch at one of the beach restaurants.
The sea looked calm but the beach was far from ideal as instead of fine white sand, only coarse black pebbles were seen. Sunbeds and colourful umbrellas were however contributory to the adornment of the landscape. 
Swimmers and suntanners were seen having a good time and were not a bit deterred by the scorching  hot sun.

After a short stroll it was eating time. We were going to have Italian food at Gourmet, a spaghetty restaurant. 
Outside Gourmet
Inside Gourmet
1st Course: Green spaghetty with green sauce which I am eating for the first time. I love this.
2nd Course: Fried seafood platter which was too salty. Otherwise it would have been nice.
Apple Tart which was extremely sweet. Just ate 1 spoon and wasted the rest.

So this ends my brief account of a brief encounter with Sestri Levante.

Restaurant Details:
Gourmet (Ristorante Spaghetteria)
Lungomare Descalzo, 50
Sestri Levante (GE)

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