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Finland Part 3: Kakslauttanen Artic Resort, Saariselka

I have always wondered what it feels like to stay in an igloo until I finally had a chance to stay in one. Even though the glass igloo at Kakslauttanen is not exactly like the Eskimo's snow igloo I was so often captivated with, it is a unique accommodation and one worthy to write at length about. 
Kakslauttanen Artic Resort is a family owned nature resort nestled in the midst of wilderness. Among the many types of accommodation available, the glass igloos are the most unique. Kakslauttanen resort spans over an immense area. The location of my igloo is West Village which is the more newly built section of the resort.
The igloos are individual units quite a distance from the reception lobby. I had to walk more than 150 metres along a snow-covered pathway to get to my unit which is Igloo No 14. 
Concierge service is not provided. Instead wooden sleds are available outside the reception area which resort guests can use to pull their own luggage.
The key is attached to a leather key chain cut in the shape of the map of Finland.
The door is small and low and the taller you are the more you'll need to bend to go through.
The setting inside the igloo is very simple and not many facilities are provided. There are two small single beds joined together. There are no wifi, boiling water facilities or toiletries that normally come with expensive resorts. There are also no closets for clothes and belongings, only benchtop lining the inner circumference of the igloo.
And that is how I scatter my belongings. 
This igloo does not have shower facilities. There is a toilet and a very tiny basin at one corner near the entrance. The wash basin is placed on a very low sinktop like the ones meant for small kids in public shopping malls.  Guests are expected to go to the lobby to take their showers (which is pretty far away). 
Only a mirror, hand detergent and some paper cups are provided.
The opposite corner near the entrance looks like this.
Half the igloo roof is see-through thermal glass. 
If someone stands outside the igloo he can actually look inside and there goes your privacy but I doubt anyone would do such a thing??
If you lie on your bed with the room lights on, you'll get a good reflection of yourself. But if you switch off ALL the lights.... and if you are lucky enough on the night(s) you stay, you can actually view the elusive and magical aurora borealis or northern lights dancing in the sky from your igloo. And this is exactly what the design of the glass igloo is meant to be.
The northern lights actually made its appearance on the night I stayed but this photograph from inside the igloo is not taken by me.
This is my igloo at night. Even though it is half immersed in snow, it is comfortable inside. The temperature feels like 24-25 deg celcius and you do not need to put on thick clothes.
The resort reception building is a rustic masterpiece made of log.
Brightly and beautifully lit by charming ceiling lamps, the reception lobby is also the place you can relax, get free Wifi, purchase drinks from a dispenser, or boil water. A separate sauna and shower room for men and women are housed in this reception building.
The reception building is open around the clock even though there is no staff after certain hours.
Inside the sauna/shower area, there are facilities like towels, shampoo, body wash, body lotion, hair dryer, etc.
There are 6 shower cubicles but only 1 toilet inside the sauna/shower room.
Unfortunately the shower cubicles are all without doors.
These igloos provide only basic facilities but it is very expensive to stay here. 1 night stay cost around RM2000 (this rate could be subject to seasonal differences). 
Among other accommodation options available at Kakslauttanen are the log cabins.
The log cabins offer better facilities even though they are not as unique as the igloos.
Hotel guests at West village dine at the nearest Aurora Restaurant. (Click to see a full review of this restaurant)

Outside my igloo
At the reception lobby
Night time at the igloos
The Reception Building
Wooden sleds left in the open snow for guests who may want to use them.

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