Friday 10 October 2014

China Silk Road Travel Part 15: Flaming Mountain

Flaming Mountain is a place of great interest to tourists as not only is it located along the ancient Silk Route, it is also the hottest place in China.
Located about 30km east of Turpan City, The Flaming Mountains stretch a distance of 100km from east to west. The mountains are barren - totally devoid of any form of vegetation. 
Due to erosion, deep trenches and gullies have been formed along the slopes. During certain times of the day, the mountains look very much like flames of fire and that was how the name 'Flaming Mountain' came about.
The thing about China tourism is, all places of interest are protected and well managed. Beautiful buildings or complexes are often built as entry points before tourist can view the real thing. This photo shows the complex we have to buy tickets and go through before we get to see Flaming Mountain from near. 
beautiful walls
A giant-sized thermometer is set up to gauge the temperature at the foothill of Flaming Mountain. This is one of the largest thermometer in China. The temperature at the Flaming Mountain has hit a high of 80°C (175°F)before making this one of the hottest place on earth as well. It is said eggs could be cooked under the sand and fried on a rock.
When we arrived at 9am it was 26°C. When we left at 10am, the temperature has exceeded 30°C. I wonder what it would be at 3pm?
  a Malaysian cowboy          
       sexy lady at the foothill
my metal leg!

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