Friday 10 October 2014

China Silk Road Travel Part 3: Hancheng Lake

Our next visit in Xian was to Hancheng Lake Scenic Park, a park that features the culture of the Han Dynasty.  
The sculptures based on the Han Imperial palaces and the Han-style buildings are meant to demonstrate the greatness and prosperity of the Han Civilization.
This pagoda-like tower is a place you can get a good view of the lake and the entire park.
At the highest floor of the tower.
View of the river from the tower. Notice the three bridges with different designs.
View of the sculptured chariot from the tower.
A slide show featuring the history of the Han Dynasty.
We went for a cruise along the river.
A beautiful bridge we cruised through.
Dragon boats
Waterwheels used in the past.
Sculptures of horsemen that protrude from the wall
The ground was wet as it has been drizzling.

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