Friday 10 October 2014

China Silk Road Travel Part 40 : Glimpses Of Langzhou

After travelling 280km from Wuwei, we finally arrived in Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu Province. Langzhou is densely populated and is much more vibrant compared to other Gansu cities we visited. It is also our last destination in Gansu Province before flying back to Xian to continue our tour. 
Lanzhou is the only city through which Yellow River flows. 
Langzhou City
A street in Langzhou
A street in Langzhou
 The Yellow River Mother Sculpture on Binhe Central Road parallel to Yellow River
Zhongshan Bridge, the first bridge that was built over Yellow River.
a mosque seen from Binhe Central Road

a pagoda seen from Binhe Central Road 
man selling local delicacy
A nice dinner at a Lanzhou Restaurant
Langzhou Specialty - a big hot pot 
Beijing Duck 
Sun Melon at Langzhou Airport
Ginseng Melon at Langzhou Airport
Red Dates (LHS) and Red Pears (RHS) at Langzhou airport.

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