Friday 10 October 2014

China Silk Road Travel Part 35: My journey from Jiuquan into Zhangye

From Jiuquan, we headed towards Zhangye. Our next destination was the Rainbow Mountains located between the Lingze County and the city of Zhangye.
After passing the County of Lingze the landscape became more picturesque with lovely hills in the background and lots of greens and flowers beds by the roadside.

We stopped for lunch in the quiet countryside, in a restaurant surrounded by beautiful hills.
This is a common dish served in the province of Gansu. Flat square noodles with chicken and potatoes.
Products of the nearby farms.
Pumpkin soup with meat.
We had a hearty meal as usual with a lots of leftovers.
After lunch we proceeded to the Rainbow Mountains. Spent a lot of time admiring the colorful mountains here. 
After feasting our eyes on the panaroma of hills, we adjourned our journey into the city.
We finally arrived at Zhangye, a small city. We were going to put up a night here.
Glimpses of Zhangye
Glimpses of Zhangye
Glimpses of Zhangye
Glimpses of Zhangye
Glimpses of Zhangye

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