Friday 10 October 2014

China Silk Road Travel Part 4: I Stayed In Johnson Howard Ginwa Plaza Hotel, Xian

All accommodation during my Silk Road Travel has been prearranged. Our tour schedule was quite tight so we hardly had time to enjoy the facilities offered by the hotels. 
I will just do brief photo reviews of the rooms I stayed in and the breakfast cuisines that come with the stay.
I stayed in Howard Johnson Ginwa Plaza Hotel in Xian. The room is spacious and comes with fairly good facilities.
The floor is fully carpeted and the beds are quite comfortable. It is air-conditioned but there is no fan.
A nice working table . WIFI is free.
A safety box is provided. There is a closet with ample hangers, a coat brush, 2 pairs of bedroom slippers and laundry bags.
A mini bar with chargeable items.
Electric jug, cups and wine glasses.
A washroom with clean toilet bowl and water heater that functions well.
Hair dryer and a sink that is semi clogged.
The toiletries provided
The brightly lit hallway
Receptionist who can't speak or understand English.
The decor at the lobby lounge
I love the shallow Koi pool at the lobby lounge. The pool is just a few inches deep but the Koi fishes that swim in it are huge. 
The bar lounge
The hallway
The restaurant
A fair spread of breakfast cuisines, Chinese and Western were served.
Condiments for congee.
What I ate.
The  fairly tasty breakfast cuisine.
The car park in front of the hotel
This is the view from my room. The hotel is near to the city gate, a river and not too far from Bell Tower and the food street. Not a bad place to lodge in Xian!

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