Friday, 10 October 2014

China Silk Road Travel Part 20: Xinjiang Cuisine

Most of the restaurants we went to in Xinjiang were average-rated restaurants which served pork-free food. Even though most of these cuisines are commonly seen back home, there are some that looked and tasted unique.
The taste of this spiced soggy rice served in steamed pumpkin is something I needed to get used to.
This Peking Duck dish is commonly found in home restaurants. 
This tasted nice.
This 9-dish traditional Hui cuisine is authentic in appearance as well as in taste. Most of the dishes are mutton dishes.
This young Hui waitress recited a poem to introduce the 9-dish set she brought in. Quite an interesting culture!
We were surprised to see something that looked and tasted like our roti canai.
These mutton satay in metal skewers have a strong baharat spice aroma and tasted very middle-eastern.
Roasted suckling lamb - the skin is too chewy and salty to be enjoyed.
 Great tasting tender chicken satay.
Commonly seen food
commonly seen food
They came in to entertain the diners and refused to leave until enough tips were collected. Money matters!
During our travel, we were never in want of food. There were so much we didn't even once finish eating them all.

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