Friday 10 October 2014

China Silk Road Travel Part 2: Daming Palace National Heritage Park

It was drizzling in Xian and this dampened our mood a little as it was just the first day of our China Silk Road Tour. Fortunately it was just a light drizzle and we heard the weather was going to be fine in Urumqi the next day. 
The first place on our itinerary was Daming Palace National Heritage Park. This park used to be the site of Daming Palace which was built in 634 AD and which 17 emperors of the Tang Dynasty used to live in. The palace is 4.5 times bigger than the Forbidden City in Beijing but was reduced to ruins in 904 AD having survived 270 years.
The park is huge so we needed transport like this train and the buggies to ferry us around.
The Tang Dynasty prospered during the ancient time as a result of the Silk Road Trade and Chang'an which is now called Xian is the eastern starting point of the Silk Road during the heyday.

The replica of Daming Palace is actually just a miniature. 
Raised platforms are built for visitors to view the model.
The archeological findings in the site are exhibited in a museum within the park.
There is nothing spectacular about this museum. Relics dug out at the site like potteries, ornaments, door knobs, sculptures and reconstructed miniature structures of the ancient kingdom are exhibited here.
We were treated to a IMAX 3-D film, a 30 minute love tale set in the Tang Dynasty in one of the theatres. (Entrance fee: 30CNY)  This film shown here is also the first IMAX 3-D film in China made in cooperation with US Specialists.
The 3-D theatre. (Photography not allowed when show in on)

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