Friday 10 October 2014

China Silk Road Travel Part 24: An Amazing Desert Experience At Echoing Sand Dunes, Dunhuang

The Echoing Sand Dunes of Dunhuang is a fun place to visit. Located just 5 km from the city of Dunhuang, this desert with mega dunes has lots of activities to offer. But why "Echoing"? The sand is said to produce echoes or sound when the wind blows or when one glides through it.
The dunes are visible from the city and like Kumtag, this is another desert that merges with the town.
This place has been turned into a park with a beautiful entrance where entrance fees and tickets for fun activities can be purchased.
There are a few things one can do here.
1. Hike up the dunes on foot
Hiking a sand dune is no easy task. The sand being soft and fine will cause your feet to sink the moment you put your weight on it. While climbing a mountain is hard for me, climbing a sand dune is many times harder. Anyway the panting was worthwhile and the experience an amazing one.
The task is made easier for hikers by placing stairs in a line up to the ridge.

Waliking on the ridge of a dune.
Shoe covers are available for rent at CNY50. We did fine without them as what we needed to do was to shake off the sand from our shoes when we left the place.

2. Take A Camel Ride Up The Dunes.
An easier option to climb the dune is on camel backs and we certainly had fun doing that. 

3. Take a desert buggie or jeep up the dunes.
This option is too easy and let's leave it for the aged or unadventurous lot.

4. Have fun with your shadows
The sun is strong and can cast dark, tall shadows over the place you trod. I had fun playing with my own shadows.

5. Visit The Crescent Lake
The Crescent Lake is an oasis lake located at the edge of Echoing Sand Dune. A short buggy ride will take you to this place.

6.Enjoy the beauty of the desert.
Clear blues skies, artistic curves, an amazing scenery.

8. Others Activities Which We did Not Do
   Paragliding and helicopter rides over the dunes are among other 
   activities for visitors to catch a bird's eye view of the dunes.

It was a fun day at the Echoing sand Dunes but too bad, we didn't hear any echoes that day.

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