Friday, 10 October 2014

China Silk Road Travel Part 10: Karez Well

The Karez Wells play a major role in the survival of Turpan in ancient days. Our next visit was an educational one, explaining at length how the people of old devised an irrigation system that ensured the survival of crops, animals and mankind in this arid part of China. We visited one such Karez well left behind by their forefathers. This particular place is cordoned off and turned into a museum for visitors. 
Building at the entrance area.
A better way for me to introduce the Karez! RIY.
The entrance.
This particular Karez is still functioning.
Water is still seen gushing out. The source is melted snow from the mountains.
Wells like this and a canal below were dug along the entire stretch from the mountainous terrain to the valley. In this manner the water is prevented from evaporation due to the extreme heat and aridity of the place.
This photo shows the underground canal where water will flow to the lower lying valleys. The water will then be collected in reservoirs for village use.  A simple concept that requires a humongous task!
Our tour guide - an Urumqi girl of Han ethnicity
On our way out
A colorful piece of furniture near the exit

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