Friday 10 October 2014

China Silk Road Travel Part 13: Nothing Comes Free!

I was excited when the tour guide said we were visiting an Uighur home. 
This Uighur girl welcomed us to her home with an "Assalamualaikum"
and we chorused back "Mualaikum Salaam" being thankful for the welcome. The girl was all dressed up and I couldn't help but noticed the big and beautifully designed door behind her. 
The lounge was almost empty except for a a raised platform with a few long tables. The walls, the table covers and the platform were a colorful picture of vibrance. Uighur hats were intermittently placed on the tables. I peeped into the kitchen and saw a few people busy cutting fruits.
The fruits were soon served - grapes, Hami melons and water melons.
We helped ourselves to the sweet fruits and then the girl sprung into action. A man started to beat the drums and the girl began to dance. What a welcome. Free fruits, free entertainment!
We enjoyed seeing her twirling to the beats of the drums.

One of our fellow travellers was even invited to dance with the man of the house.
When the excitement subsided, it was pay back time. The man of the house unveiled his baskets of raisins - all in more than a dozen varieties. It was free sampling with prices quoted for each type of course. 
What would you do after eating for free and being entertained? Psychologically one would feel so indebted that a purchase is warranted. Fortunately there were people in my group that bought a lot so I could be excused for not buying any. My luggage was heavy enough as it was and I didn't want to add a few kilograms to it.

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